Electrical Installations

We are fully qualified to install, test & certify the 12v/230v electrical systems in house. We offer full electrical systems, single appliance installation or a repair on an existing setup.

We are a huge fan of Victron Products, they are a fantastic quality and usually a 5 year warranty. We only like to install products which are fit for purpose.  Unlike other manufactures our electrical systems will out perform many others, our efficient components and knowledge will lead you to having many happy days away off grid.

Our split charging systems are correctly selected for each vehicle, we use a battery to battery charger on all Euro 6 compliant vehicles. Meaning you are getting a fully charged leisure battery. Far too many converters are still using Voltage sensitive relays which will have you leisure battery flat in no time.

We are big believers in German & Austrian made solar panels, pair them with a Victron MPPT solar charger and you have an excellent system!

Our options..

-Leisure battery installation
-Split charge systems
-230v hookup systems
-12v system and sockets
-LED lighting
-Solar panel systems
-Pop up sockets
-LED Light Shelves
-T6.1 DAB Relocation kits

Now offering wiring Kits & diagrams for self build purposes

If you have anything you would like to discuss then feel free to give us a call.



Price List